Socks For Soldiers

Kurt Heinz - 7/17/2021

One of the most requested things soldiers in the field say would help them most is a constant supply of fresh socks. Socks wear out pretty quickly with all the walking troops have to do when in the field. Sometimes the supply chain just cannot keep up with the demand, especially in remote locations. This is where concerned citizens come in. You can donate new socks to our VFW Post 6722 Auxiliary now through the month of December when you come to our post during our monthly events like Spaghetti Night or Steak Night. Members of The Auxiliary are there to accept your donations. The Auxiliary has military connections that will ensure the socks get to the troops in the field. So if you are a VFW member just coming to the post for cool one or a veteran or citizen coming to the post for one of our monthly fundraising meal offerings, bring some new socks along with you to donate to the auxiliary. As communication from the field attests, the troops really appreciate the assistance.