"Reaching out to veterans in need."

We must remember that the VFW is comprehensive in nature, embracing all religions and faith groups.  The Chaplaincy, being non-sectarian, must minister to the spiritual needs of all, without regard to either church/synagogue/mosque affiliation or non-affiliation.  The Chaplain will need to provide ministry to people wherever there is a need.




  • To offer prayers as needed at meetings
  • To help persons grow in their relationship with God
  • To help persons grow in their relationships to one another and become a true brother/sister to one another
  • To develop an environment in that brothers and sisters are encouraged in their personal and collective moral and spiritual growth
  • To remind all that God is the source of all rights and privileges

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To listen and provide aid and spiritual comfort in times of stress, sickness, or bereavement
  • To aid members and their families in their times of need
  • To hold any communication provided in confidence
  • To uphold the high ideals of the organization in any advice offered
  • To be prepared to offer prayers when requested
  • To provide a caring ministry to grieving members and their families
  • To promote harmony and unity in the organization


Contact Information:

Ernest Byrd